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Ein frei lebendes, junges Delfinweibchen gerät in eine Krebsreuse und zieht sich dabei eine schwere Verletzung am Schwanz zu. Es wird gerettet und ins Clearwater Marine Hospital gebracht, wo man ihm den Namen Winter gibt. Doch ohne Schwanz hat. Inspired by an amazing true story "Dolphin Tale" is a film about "Winter", cast and a great storyline about a true story of a dolphin called Winter, who by the way​. Mein Freund, der Delfin 2 (Originaltitel: Dolphin Tale 2) ist ein US-​amerikanisches Filmdrama manövriert Charles Martin Smith seinen sympathischen Cast und die schnörkellose Geschichte wundervoll fotografiert durch ein klassisches. - Kaufen Sie Dolphin Tale günstig ein. with a fabulous cast and a great storyline about a true story of a dolphin called Winter, who by the way is the​. - Nathan Gamble (center left) and Cozi Zuehlsdorff (center right) amongst Dolphin Tale 2 crew and cast.

Dolphin Tale Cast

Dolphin Tale is a American 3D family drama film directed by Charles Martin Smith (his 1 Plot; 2 Cast ; 3 Differences between the movie and. - Dolphin Tale was filmed on location at Clearwater Marine Aquarium 10th, , Clearwater Marine Aquairum joined with the Dolphin Tale 2 cast. prosthetic tail -- made her a symbol of perseverance to people around the world and inspired the family hit, DOLPHIN TALE 2 reunites the cast and crew. Written on Neu ab 6. For messages to CeDe. Abzüge gibt es dafür in der B-Note: Den aufdringlichen Gastauftritt der Surferin Bethany Hamilton sowie die wenigen, dafür umso missrateneren Moneygaming Bonus Code stören das Gesamtbild vor allem deshalb, weil der Film auch ganz einfach ohne sie ausgekommen wäre. September [6]auf Metacritic 58 von Punkten [7]. Toller Film. Für Tierfreunde Pokerstars App Real Money absolutes Muss. Daryn Okada. Write a rating For messages to CeDe. Compare versions. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Winters Zukunft steht nun gleich doppelt auf dem Spiel Ich finde es sehr tapfer von Winter das sie sich selber im Film spielt. September in die Kinos; in Deutschland erst Mount Royal Soccer 9. Kris Kristofferson. Die Geschichte wirkt nicht zu schmalzig und kitschig Sportwetten De Info, gerade richtig um gut zu unterhalten. Findet Nemo. This customer review Spiele Wertung to a alternative version. Write a rating For messages to CeDe. April by joshua.

Clay's daughter Hazel names the dolphin Winter, after two prior dolphins, Summer and Autumn, had been treated successfully and returned to the ocean.

Sawyer sneaks in to see Winter, and later starts to visit each day, being harassed by a crazy pelican named Rufus. Sawyer and Hazel's parents were hesitant since Sawyer does not have any experience with marine animals, and Sawyer's mother, Lorraine, since Sawyer is skipping summer school without permission, but they realize that the friendship seems to benefit both Winter and Sawyer.

Clay allows the visits to continue, and Lorraine withdraws Sawyer from summer school and lets him volunteer at CMA, and gives him a new wetsuit.

However, Winter's tail is damaged and must be amputated. Winter learns to swim without a tail by developing a side-to-side motion like a fish, but after an X-ray, Clay notices the unnatural motion is causing stress on her spine, which if continued will disable and eventually kill her.

News comes that Kyle has been injured in an explosion and is returning home for treatment. Sawyer is excited to see him, but devastated when Kyle, skips his own welcoming party and stays at the local Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, where Doctor Cameron McCarthy develops prosthetic limbs.

Sawyer and his mother visit Kyle there, but Sawyer is insulted when Kyle asks them to leave. Not wanting to upset Sawyer, Kyle takes Sawyer for a walk and explains his situation and that he needs some time.

Sawyer then asks Dr. McCarthy if he could make a prosthetic tail for Winter. McCarthy agrees to do so and convinces his prosthetic supplier Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics to supply the parts at no cost.

McCarthy manufactures a "homemade" model tail while waiting for the real one to arrive, but Winter rejects it by banging it against the pool wall.

Meanwhile, Kyle gets more depressed when his friend and swimming partner, Donovan Peck, beats Kyle's old swimming records.

McCarthy persuades Kyle to go home. Then CMA, already in financial peril, is heavily damaged by a hurricane. The board of directors agrees to close up and sell the land to a real estate developer, and find homes for all the animals except Winter; due to her condition she is not wanted, and may have to be put down.

Kyle visits CMA and sees that Winter is like him, with a damaged limb. However, inspired by a girl with a prosthetic limb whose mother drives her 8 hours from Atlanta , Georgia to visit Winter, Sawyer imagines holding a "Save Winter Day" to save the facility.

Clay is not convinced, but he reconsiders after talking with his father, Reed. Kyle agrees to race Donovan Peck and persuades Bay News 9 to cover the event.

The Hanger-supplied tail finally arrives; however, Winter rejects it too. Sawyer then realizes what the real problem is: the plastic base for the tail is irritating her skin.

Therefore, McCarthy develops an alternative gel-like sock which he calls "Winter's Gel" which is the real name of the Hanger product used to attach prosthetic limbs, developed during research with Winter.

Winter accepts this new prosthetic tail. At Save Winter Day, the work with Winter impresses everyone.

Sawyer's teacher gives him school credit, allowing him to pass summer school. The fisherman who found Winter on the beach comes too.

The real estate developer decides to keep CMA open and to support it financially. With Winter's help, Kyle then wins a swimming race against Donovan.

The ending shows documentary footage from Winter's actual rescue, several of the prosthetic tails that Winter has worn, and scenes of real amputees visiting Winter at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

She is found by a nearby fisherman laying on the shore and then rescued with Sawyer's assistance. The fisherman who discovered her was in the lagoon, as well.

Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute Research and stranding team responded to the reported animal, researcher Teresa Mazza-Jablonski stayed with Winter in the water for 7 hours.

Winter was first taken to the local Marine Discovery center and then transferred to Clearwater, which is on the opposite side of the state.

In the movie, Winter's tail was amputated due to infection caused from being caught in the rope.

In real life, the loss of blood supply to the tail from being caught in the rope caused most of the tail to fall off, with only a small piece being amputated.

In the movie, developing Winter's tail takes a few weeks, with a Veteran's Administration doctor working during his vacation.

In real life, the process of developing a suitable tail took several months' work by Kevin Carroll and Dan Strzempka from Hanger Clinic.

Dolphin Tale was filmed in native 3D, beginning in September Dolphin Tale remains the only marine mammal motion picture of the modern era that did not employ Sherbert in at least a consulting capacity.

The website's critical consensus reads, "Wisely dialing down the schmaltz, Dolphin Tale is earnest, sweet, and well-told, a rare family film that both kids and parents can enjoy.

Sawyer thinks that a new prosthetic tail might have better results; though Phoebe, Rebecca, and Kat are initially wary of the potential repercussions, everyone agrees.

In her second meeting with Hope, Winter wears the new tail designed by Dr. A huge crowd, including George, is present to watch, and eventually the two dolphins accept each other.

Everyone rejoices that Winter can stay at CMA now that she has a companion. With his uncertainty about Winter resolved, Sawyer decides to go to the SEA Semester program, but reassures her that he will be back.

Hazel says goodbye to him by releasing helium balloons and holding up a sign, and Sawyer sends her a text message saying, "Thanks, Hazel. You're the best!

As Sawyer's mother drives away, Hazel quietly affirms she will really miss Sawyer. Real-life footage shown at the end includes Mandy's actual release, Hope's rescue, a sea turtle named Mavis and her release, Winter wearing the new prosthetic tail, and amputees interacting with Winter.

Although they were filming on the site, Clearwater Marine Aquarium is open on weekends to the public. Cozi Zuehlsdorff tweeted on her Twitter account that she is excited that Bethany Hamilton has joined the " Dolphin Tale 2 family".

It was released on September 12, The film's first teaser trailer was released on April 11, , attached with theatrical screenings of Rio 2.

Dolphin Tale 2 received generally positive reviews from critics. At a press conference speaking about the possibilities for a new Clearwater Marine Aquarium , David Yates, the CEO, revealed that discussions have begun towards the development of a third Dolphin Tale movie and a television series.

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Doyle Ashley White Sandra Sinclair Tom Nowicki Philip J. Hordern Rus Blackwell Coach Vansky Marc Macaulay Board Member Marx Denise Durette Board Member Christina Vivian Ruiz Virginia Laila Harris Veteran Tim Mike Maki Veteran Mike Mike Pniewski Prosthetic Consultant Nicholas Turner Martin Bully 1 Carlos Jorge Guerrero Bully 2 as Carlos Guerrero Jr.

Paul Amadi Kyle's Friend Charlotte Connick Hordern Grandchild Winter Winter Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Darin Ferraro Club Patron Cameron Bigelow Carnival Attendee uncredited Rebeca Donovan Carnival Attendee uncredited Dukejones Zoo trainer uncredited Frenchi Firecracker Nurse uncredited Asiel Gonzalez Carnival Attendee uncredited Johanna R.

Extra uncredited Grant Koo Extra uncredited Laurel Levey VA Administrator uncredited Keri Maletto Kyle's Nurse uncredited B.

Aquarium Tech uncredited Lindsey Riesen Swim Jumper uncredited Ashtyn B. Concerned Girl 2 uncredited Jermaine Thomas VA Patient uncredited Catherine Thornton Extra uncredited Donny Tucker Extra uncredited Adrianne Walsh Board Member uncredited Brewier Welch Board Member uncredited Chelsea Wolf Claudia Pascual Raffa Jr.

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Party Guest uncredited Rory Smith Tourist uncredited Gail Soltys Gail uncredited Christopher Sommerhalter Beach Kid uncredited Ashley Sperrazza Tourist uncredited Chad Stevens Extra uncredited Catherine Thornton Visitor uncredited Zachary Vazquez Board Member uncredited Benjamin Weaver Tourist uncredited Caleb Wild Classroom Kid uncredited Winter Winter uncredited Ilia Wolfe Hospital Visitor uncredited Thaddeus Ygnacio Beach Kid uncredited Nate Zahrt Nancy Cummings Raffa Jr.

Art Dept. Assistant Dan Wilkerson Randy Ball Howard Berger Travis Berger Jeremy S. Regina Castruita Val Crawford Alex Diaz Jeff Edwards Brie Ford Joe Giles Brian Goehring David Grasso Jeff Himmel Grady Holder Garrett Immel Jason James Carey Jones Steve Katz Derek Krout Mike Lachimia James Leonard Greg Nicotero Michael O'Brien Christina Prestia Caleb Schneider Veronica Torres Terry Ververgaert Freeman Rich Keen

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The Dolphin Tale Stars Take You to the Dolphin Platform for a Special Moment Jan 29, - Nathan Gamble (center left) and Cozi Zuehlsdorff (center right) amongst Dolphin Tale 2 crew and cast. But an acrobatic display at the Florida theme park ended in horror when two dolphins collided head on as they jumped towards each other. One was killed. Meet the actors who played Sawyer (Nathan Gamble), Hazel (Cozi Zuehlsdorff) and Phoebe (Austin Highsmith) in the Dolphin Tale movies, the major motion. - Dolphin Tale was filmed on location at Clearwater Marine Aquarium 10th, , Clearwater Marine Aquairum joined with the Dolphin Tale 2 cast. prosthetic tail -- made her a symbol of perseverance to people around the world and inspired the family hit, DOLPHIN TALE 2 reunites the cast and crew.

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